LAC Newsletter 1st Week Nov.

Dear LAC holders,

We will synchronize the team’s current work plan from time to time.
The following is the work content and progress of 1st Week Nov.

1. Contract open source
We have received some discordant voices from the community. Some people stated that LAC can be issued unlimitedly. This is very absurd.
We think they have ulterior motives. Because in our audit report, the function call about _mint has been written very clearly.
To further prove this point, we plan to fully open source the LAC contract this week and receive review by all community members.
Don’t worry too much about LAC being imitated by copycats, because the follow-up development of LAC and the community will never be able to imitate.

2. Liquidity mining reduces production
LAC’s liquidity mining has been going on for a week. The LAC operation is very stable every week.
According to the rules in the LAC white paper, the liquidity mining of LAC will be halved tomorrow (11/3).
At that time, the speed of LAC adding flow will be significantly reduced.

3. Contract Injection
In order to further improve the security of the contract, we have updated the LAC injection contract.
After the new version of the injection contract is audited (currently being audited by Beosin), we will upgrade the LAC pool injection contract.

The pool injection contract has no effect on the main contract of LAC, will not change the contract address of LAC, and will not affect the normal transactions of LAC at all.

After the upgrade of the betting contract is completed, we plan to publish a series of articles about the betting contract to promote this setting. The topics of the articles are:
- Interpretation of the LAC pooling contract code line by line: so that even those who do not understand programming can understand why the contract pooling cannot remove liquidity.
- How to view the information of the LAC pooling contract: teach you to view and verify the information of the LAC pooling contract on the blockchain browser.
- If liquidity is injected into the token through the pool staking contract: Show other token issuing teams how to inject liquidity through the pool staking contract.

4. Does LACT trade in advance?
Based on community suggestions, we initiated a discussion in the Telegram group about whether it is necessary for LACT to trade in advance.
Finally, based on the results of the discussion, we decided: According to the original plan, we will start LACT trading only one week after the community mining starts.

5. NFT development progress
The overall progress is currently good:
- NFT token contract and auction contract have been developed and are being tested.
- The DApp is under development, and the progress is normal. I expect to meet you this weekend or early next week.
After the relevant NFT tokens are online, LAC’s liquidity mining will add a new material token for the synthesis of NFT tokens: MAT.
That is, by injecting liquidity into LAC, you will get LAC, LACT, and MAT tokens at the same time.
Note that the distribution of MAT mining rewards will be positively related to the duration of liquidity that you have injected and not removed.

The above is a recent LAC newsletter. Thanks to all holders for your support.

Good luck!